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we trust in cryptocurrency
Businesspartner Information

SwissCoin-The Cryptic currency is the Future of Money

Das neue Crypto Valley in der Schweiz
The Cryptic currency is the Future of Money

SwissCoin-Start 04. 06. 2016

Headquarters in Canton Zug / Switzerland
surrounded by Fintech thought leaders as BitCoin, Ethereum etc.
Start 04. 06. 2016
Even jet more than 5.000 Partner


  • Secure and real cryptocurrency

  • 200 million SWISS COINS for free

  • Profit stays with the members

  • Company from Switzerland

  • Genesis-Block starts on 04. June 2016


Stable – Inflation Rights
SWISSCOIN is not like fiat money increased at because the maximum output quantity is comparable to resources such as Precious metals, limited to 10 billion SWISSCOINS.
36 million acceptance locations in 211 countries through cooperation with MasterCard (9/2016).
200 Millions SWISSCOINS Stable – Inflation Rights for free!
Fast and Anonymous
Transactions can be executed in a matter of seconds worldwide
Crypto Currency
SWISSCOIN is a new crypto currency, which is based on the principle of block chain of BitCoin. It must be used within a few minutes of each. As easy as email
Secure - simply – brilliantly
SWISSCOIN is useing one of the safest cryptographic encryption methods.


The Swiss cross is worn around the world for quality products.
The freedom of people to live their own lives is our main mission.
9 STARS stars represent continents and countries will conquer the SWISSCOIN. They are there from the beginning as part of our community.
Justice is the ability to do more with his life at SWISSCOIN. More success, more opportunities, more income, more happiness and future.
With us you are working from home and enrich the lives of others.
Truth, clarity and security stand for a new, digital currency
The eagle represents strength, courage and eternity and to support and reward your business efforts.


Never in the short history of crypto currencies we had a chance to join from the start.
A good opportunity is like an arrow shot, it never returns.
Start today and set the course for a bright future.

SwissCoin-THE CHANCE-100 SWISSCOINS as bonus for registration

  • 10 Billion SWISSCOINS

  • 100 SWISSCOINS as bonus for registration

  • 100 Millionen SWISSCOINS for shops and companies

  • 1 Million members will get a welcome bonus

  • Location -Switzerland with Swiss citizen as CEO

  • 5,000 founder memebers

SwissCoin-THE CHANCE-All SWISSCOINS are insured for free

  • Unique Hybrid-Marketingplan: no deat legs

  • The "PEOPLESCOIN" -Training Packs starting at €25

  • Great Backoffice for businesspartners

  • Anytime free registration

  • Free paperwallet for all your SWISSCOINS

  • All SWISSCOINS are insured for free

  • The historical Chance

SwissCoin-THE CHANCE-18% Multipliers,80% People

  • The developer of SWISSCOINS receive 1%.

  • For Investors also 1%

  • 18% receive multipliers such as referrer, shops and marketers.

  • 80% of all mined COINS are intended for normal people and not only for millionaires.
1%  developer
1% Investors
18% Multipliers
80% People


SwissCoin Packages Investment Plan
SCHULUNGSPAKETE EUR US (Rate 1.1) Academy-Level BV Split Token After Split Total Tokens
ROOKIE FREE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
TRAINEE 25+25 55 1 20 1 200 400
TESTER-50 50+25 82.5 2 40 1 500 1000
TESTER-100 100+25 137.5 3 80 1 1000 2000
TESTER-250 250+25 302.5 4 200 1 2500 5000
TESTER-500 500+25 577.5 5 400 1 5000 10000
TRADER-1000 1000+25 1127.5 6 800 2 10000 40000
CRYPTO-TRADER 2500+25 2777.5 7 2000 2 25000 100000
CRYPTO-MAKLER 5000+25 5527.5 8 4000 2 60000 240000
CRYPTO-BROKER 7500+25 8277.5 9 6000 3 90000 720000
CRYPTO-MANAGER 10000+25 11027.5 10 8000 3 120000 960000
CRYPTO-DIRECTOR 15000+25 16527.5 11 12000 3 200000 1600000

Upon purchase of the 1st Training Package, a one time administrative fee of € 25.- will be charged per account.

SwissCoin-COMPENSATION PLAN-5 Income Possibilities

5 Income Possibilities
10% Direct-Bonus
On all directly mediated training packages you receive 10% direct bonus on the business volume (BV) with daily settlement.
10% Faststart-Bonus
500 € Bonus:
for cumulative sales of at least 5,000 BV and with at least 2 First liners, each with a 50-TESTER Pack within the first 30 days
Der Schnellstart-Bonus:
only can be used to buy SWISSCOINS, Tokens und and packs


One time qualification by 2 directly mediated Partner (First Line), who bought at least, A training pack for 25 - €.
All BV's cumulate for all time.
Team-Bonus is paid daily. (not on your own products)


  • One time qulification

  • Daily accounting

  • The matching bonus is paid

  • On the income of your own partners.

  • Requirement:
    your own TESTER-250er Pack and 2 Firstliner with TESTER-50er Pack
1% of worldwide sails
Depending on the career level you will receive 1-7 units at Diamond Pool.
The Diamond pool is paid 2 times every year.


  • All revenues (1BV = € 0.80) cumulate forever

  • Bonus and career levels retained

  • 60/40 Rule: 60% Cash- & 40% Trading-Account

  • Cash-Account: free for use.

  • Trading-Account: only to buy coins, Tokens and Packs

  • MasterCardTM: September 2016



Leadership Badge Leadership Rank Leadership Award Qualifying BV Qualifying Terms
Level 1 JADE PIN, certificate 1,000 2 Partner in 1 Level
Level 2 PEARL PIN, certificate, keychains 5,000 1 JADE in1 LEVEL
Level 3 SAPPHIRE PIN, certificate, Montblanc pen 10,000 2 JADE in 1 LEVEL
Level 4 RUBY PIN, certificate, 500,- € Rank-Bonus 25,000 1 PEARL in 1 LEVEL
Level 5 EMERALD PIN, certificate, Mac Book Air or 1,000,- € Rank-Bonus 50,000 1 SAPPHIRE in 1 LEVEL
Level 6 DIAMOND PIN, certificate, 2.000,- € Rank-Bonus, 1 piece of the Diamond-Pool 200,000 1 RUBY in 1 LEVEL
Level 7 BLUE DIAMOND PIN, certificate, Award, Rolex or 5,000,- € Rank-Bonus, 2 pieces of the Diamond-Pool 250,000 1 EMERALD in 1LEVEL
Level 8 GREEN DIAMOND PIN, certificate, Award, Diamond-Trip for 2 persons or 10.000,- € Rank- Bonus, 3 pieces of theDiamond-Pool 500,000 1 DIAMOND in 1LEVEL
Level 9 PURPLE DIAMOND PIN, certificate, Award, Rolex Gold or 20.000,- € Rank-Bonus 4 pieces of the Diamond-Pool 1,000,000 2 Diamonds in 1LEVEL
Level 10 RED DIAMOND PIN, certificate, Award, 100.000,- € Rank-Bonus 5 pieces of the Diamond-Pool 2,000,000 5 Diamonds in 1LEVEL
Level 11 BLACK DIAMOND PIN, certificate, Award, 250.000,- € luxury house or 200.000,- € Rank- Bonus, 6 pieces of the Diamond- Pool   10 Diamonds in 1LEVEL
Level 12 DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND PIN, certificate, Award, 500.000,- € luxury house or 400.000,- € Bonus, plus 1.000.000,- € Rank-Bonus, 7 pieces of theDiamond-Pool   20 Diamonds in 1LEVEL

SwissCoin-Description of Career Planning


1、SIGN UP FOR FREE at SWISSCOIN and get the opportunity.
2、INVEST. In a future market with great potential Training packs from only €25.
3、ORGANIZE, if you want to build sales as an affiliate on the internet.
4、PROFIT on the future performance of SWISSCOINS and 5 different types of income.


we trust in cryptocurrency
Ruessenstrasse 12/CH - 6340
Baar - ZG - Schweiz
Samstag 02. Juli 2016
Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Revision 0.1

January 3, 2009 has marked the beginning of a new era of globalisation and world interconnection:
The first Bitcoin transaction1 has occurred.
Satoshi Nakamoto has made what was thought to be impossible
he has built and launched the first completely decentralized global transaction ledger, in which anyone can participate.
We know it as Blockchain.
Only 6 years later we are starting to understand the real value of the invention.
Blockchain has provided a universal access to the global economy for any internetconnected device.
In this whitepaper, we talk about SWISSCOIN - a blockchain-based currency with innovative model.

Project Goals
The SWISSCOIN (SIC) huge team’s aim is to achieve 1 billion users in our ecosystem providing unique products and services and create a total capitalization amounting to over 50 billion US dollars.
Such business valuation is possible, based on the planned gaining of 1 billion users, and assumed upon the market value of a user in the amount of $50.
Due to our commitment in the creation of a number of services that will be served by SWISSCOIN currency, the team is confident that the actual capitalization of the entire Project will be much bigger.
The more people join our network, the more value the network provides to each user.
Think about it as a partnership, we develop the community together with users and share the value of the network with them.
Those people who share our confidence in the success of the Project.
in fact, become a part of our team and our co-shareholders due to the SIC accumulation on their personal account using only own social connections and doing different activities inside of SIC ecosystem.


Economic model
The aim of SWISSCOIN is to contrast with the up to now introduced crpyto currencies and to define a new standard.
Up to the stock market introduction intended in 2017 there will be approximately 600.000 active (as of now around 400.000) users in SWISSCOIN.
With the stock market introduction, there will be approx.
10.000 acceptance places worldwide who will accept the SWISSCOIN as a currency.
It can be assumed that once the SWISSCOIN has been introduced at the stock market there will be additional acceptance places in great numbers.
so that in a period of a few years after the stock market introduction a number 0f 30.000 acceptance places can be assumed as realistic.
The value of the SWISSCOIN will be protected by commodity values in the form of precious metals.
And this underlapping not by means of value rights separated but in a mix of 1/3 of gold, platinum and palladium will occur in actual form.
The mix from a big number of users, a high number of acceptance places.
As well as the commodity value in precious metals gives the SWISSCOIN a value increasepotential
Lets an outlook for the next 5 years seem realistic that the SWISSCOIN, after the stock market introduction, reaches a value of 7 US-dollar.

Non-fixed supply
SWISSCOIN has an initial non-fixed supply of 10,000,000,000 coins (SIC).
The basic money supply amount is created during the one-week stage of currency issuance which involves a Proof-of-Work (PoW) block generation period.
This approach eliminates a cryptocurrency premine.
Further issue of coins will be conducted via Proof-of-Stake (PoS) block generation indefinite period.
Providing growth of coin supply from 1% to 10% interest per year.
The currency issuer (company) will be distributing SWISSCOIN according to the distribution model defined below.


Distribution Model
SWISSCOIN initial supply will be distributed to several categories of businesses with the following proportion:
  • marketing activity by users takes 1.900M SIC

  • Users worldwide 7.000 M SIC

  • SWISSCOIN Foundation 1.000 SIC

  • 100M SIC for the development of products and services to be conducted by the SWISSCOIN team.
Initial owner of coins will be exchanging it to Bitcoin and Fiat currencies at a pre-determined fixed rate.
The rate is gradually increased as we get closer to the goal (a number of users in the ecosystem).
Coin owners will have a strong incentive to accumulate coins they hold for reasons of Proof-of-Stake model, giving from 1% to 10% interest per year for holding SIC.
This effect will ensure the safety and stability of the whole network by bringing online more full nodes to process transactions and blocks in the system.

Global Payment System
As the number of acceptance points (AP) will continue to grow (currently ~ 500 AP) we expect SWISSCOIN to become a global PS and value transfer instrument.
Merchants will integrate SIC to acquire more customers while SIC owners will seek for goods and services to purchase in exchange of coins they hold.
We plan to improve this system by implementing P2P lending capabilities, as well as introducing other financial services on top of it.

SWISSCOIN is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized public ledger, which unlike those of traditional banks is viewable and easily audited by anyone.
SWISSCOIN uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) creation cycle followed by transition to full Proof-of-Stake (PoS).
Proof-of-Stake is eco-friendly and efficient, and avoids the vast waste of energy and hardware overhead of PoW-based networks.
Users who keep their wallet open to secure the network via staking will get from 1% to 10% interest per year.


SIC transactions are extremely fast due to the approach described and get processed within a few minutes.
The software (wallet) is open source, so its safety can be audited.
Every SWISSCOIN user shares the transaction history, so the ledger is entirely transparent.
From the technological perspective, SWISSCOIN utilizes its own independent blockchain.
As opposed to many other cryptocurrencies built on top of existing public blockchains (e.g.Ethereum).
SIC uses a pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) block generation model, ensuring eco-friendly approach to transaction processing.

Blockchain databases is the cutting edge of transactional database technology.
They have a number of properties that make them more attractive and efficient for digital currency compared to centralized databases.
Blockchain Database
Centralized Database
Has single point of failure
Censorship resistant
Authentication mechanism
Public key cryptography
Data persistence
Ensured by network
Responsibility of a database operator
Responsibility of a database operator

  o  Initial supply SIC
  o  Average block generation time: 60 sec.
  o  Block generation model: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
  o  PoS reward: 1-10%
  o  Inflation: ~ 1%
  o  Min. transaction fee: 0.0001 SIC
  o  Blockchain: standalone
  o  Initial transaction throughput: ~ 50 tps
  o  API: JSON-RPC, Bitcoin-compliant
  o  256 Bit Encryption


SWISSCOIN resides on the cutting edge of the payments technology innovation combining the most robust cryptocurrency network with strong social networking effects.
Its economic model has solid usage incentives.
The technology behind SWISSCOIN as a system ensures its independence, safety and Scalability.
We believe that SWISSCOIN has the potential to compete with leading global payment systems.

Useful Links
Source code repository:
Blockchain explorer:
Web site
Blockchain Screenshot:

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