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SwissCoin company background
Companies registered in Switzerland EURO SOLUTION GMBH
The office is located in Ruessenstrasse 12, 6340 Baar ZG, Schweiz



This is Alex
The company's leading
Is the founder of 5000 partners
Business Registration Number:CH-
Recorded in the Commercial Register of April 18, 2016
Statutory capital of 200,000 francs
Company founder Werner Marquetant was born and raised in Switzerland
The company's main business
Education and network communication training services



The company was originally from EURO-Invest Consult in Germany
The company has been successfully operating since 2013
The company is headquartered in Canton of Zug
The company has used digital currency co-operation has solved many innovative enterprises
Including the famous XAPO、Ethereum、Shapeshift、Monetas...etc
Encryption enterprise development by the state government support
Political organizations and financial service providers
Community Crypto Valley training is being actively pursued
Zug gradually turned to Silicon Valley cryptocurrency
Combined with many encryption companies
In order to promote close cooperation


Switzerland has a long history of neutrality
Is a permanent neutral state
Since 1815 after
Never involved in any local war and international war(Including World War I and World War II)
But also participate in international affairs
Many international organizations are headquartered in Switzerland
Switzerland is a highly developed capitalist country
Switzerland is also one of the world's most stable economies
Including the long-term nature of the policy, the security of the financial system and the bank encryption system
Making Switzerland a safe haven for tax evaders
Because the developed financial industry
The service sector also plays an important role in the Swiss economy
Zug has recently become Switzerland's financial technology center
This area claims to be Switzerland's Crypto Valley
Has 15 basic technology specializing in Bitcoin —— blockchain technology company
Mayor Dolfi Mueller announced
Zug is willing to openly communicate with these companies
The city government is willing to make a model in this business
Switzerland Zug is the world's first country to accept bitcoin Bitcoin payment
Switzerland already has several Bitcoin ATMs
Electronic money can be withdrawn or converted to cash

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Ethereum Foundation
Build unstoppable applications
Ethereum is adecentralized platform that runs smart contracts:
applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference
These apps run on a custom builtblockchain
An enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property
This enables developers to create markets
Store registries of debts or promises
Move funds in accordance with instructions given long in the past (like a will or a futures contract)
Many other things that have not been invented yet
All without a middle man or counterparty risk
The project was bootstraped via an ether pre-sale during August 2014 by fans all around the world
It is developed by theEthereum Foundation, a Swiss nonprofit, with contributions from great minds across the globe

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Monetas is building the infrastructure for a free and prosperous world
The Monetas platform connects everyone
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To the global economy
Provides access to the full spectrum of financial services from a mobile phone
Thereby boosting wealth creation and quality of life
The Monetas platform enables financial institutions and central banks to roll out the most advanced
efficient financial infrastructure and services
thereby boosting financial inclusion and economic growth

This site can query the company's information
EURO-INVEST CONSULT GmbH, Leipzig, Germany
This can prove that the company is legally registered company

This site can query whether the company has the ability to develop the source code
The blockchain of a website
Global development Open source code
From the mid-2015 began to require open source license to develop a virtual currency qualification
Through this site
We can query any one of the world's virtual currency company's qualifications
Used to identify the authenticity of virtual currency

SwissCoin Asset Info

SwissCoin open source code information
Open source code is C++ language
The earliest date of update is in 2013
So 2013 has been in the development process


The SwissCoin site has an https encryption protocol
And passed the SSL EV certificate
Anyone who applies for an EV SSL must pass a rigorous vetting process that no hacker or thief could survive
If you have an Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate
Customers know you're legitimate
The EV is the only SSL Certificate that turns the visitor's browser bar green
This gives shoppers the green light to enter their credit or debit card number with complete confidence


SwissCoin-16 Domain name query
Registrant and SwissCoin's CEO is the same
Organization and SwissCoin company is the same

SwissCoin-17 website Inquire
SwissCoin hosting in Switzerland
The IP address of the SwissCoin host is
Monthly Unique Visitors 684,000
Daily Unique Visitors 22,800
Visitors by country

SwissCoin-18 website Inquire
SwissCoin website world ranking 20,793
World ranking data more forward
Means that the higher the site traffic
The higher the value of the site

SwissCoin-19 website Inquire
SwissCoin hosting provider is OVH

SwissCoin-20 website Inquire
The OVH World Ranking is 1,701
World ranking data more forward
Means that the higher the site traffic
The higher the value of the site

OVH hosting provider's website

SwissCoin-22 website Inquire
The IP address of the OVH host is
OVH hosting is in France
So the OVH host provider
Location in the French possibility
Very, very high
Germany, Switzerland, France
The three countries are very close
If there is any problem with the host
Will be convenient for quick processing
This is why SwissCoin will choose OVH hosting







June 4, 2016 SwissCoin officially launched
July 2, 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, Startup-Event
On this day there are coins and books to send
Conference Summary︰
1、MasterCard will be released in September
2、The insurer guarantees the value of SwissCoin
3、Swisscoin a total of 14 servers escort
4、The SwissCoin mobile application will be available by the end of the year
5、February 4, 2017 SwissCoin held thousands of people in Dubai Conference
6、SwissCoin was launched on the internal exchange in July
7、February 2017 public off-exchange trading platform and online consumer platform

The company issued 1,000,000,000 SwissCoins
Each registered member sends 100 SwissCoins
Only to send 100,000,000 SwissCoins
Another 100,000,000 SwissCoins
The company prepares online stores and awards internal staff
The actual can be mined
Only 800,000,000 SwissCoins


SwissCoin starts at €0.03
Company plans
2020 will rise to €10
Let us wait and see

































SwissCoin development in different countries


The Russian team also developed APP for SwissCoin
Can you imagine developing an APP
How much does it cost


China 's partners are so crazy

These data are used to analyze SwissCoin
SwissCoin has the following characteristics
1、Remove Centralization︰No central regulatory authority
2、Collective maintenance︰Node participants work together to maintain the entire network
3、Remove trust︰Send and receive between participants does not need to be based on trust
4、Anonymity︰Both parties do not need real-name authentication, the highest intensity of privacy protection
5、Rapidity︰Each transaction is quick and easy
6、Open source︰Open source code, completely open and transparent
7、Scarcity︰Limit the number of releases, will not increase the number, not split! The quantity is fixed

SwissCoin conforms to the characteristics of encrypted digital currency
There are coins and books to issue
The ROI is very high
And the spread is very strong
SwissCoin can be said that the real international projects
And it did not start long
From these points to analyze the SwissCoin risk assessment
SwissCoin compares with most projects
The data for most projects are not as strong as SwissCoin
So the risk of SwissCoin
Will be much lower than most projects
We all know that the late money to supplement the early money this truth
So the earlier investment SwissCoin
The risk will be lower

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